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Avengers No Road Home 1, Age of X-Main 1 Next Gen, Marvel Tales Black Widow 1 Virgin, Captain Marvel 2 movie variant

I was reading about Avengers, no road home 1. It sounds like Conan the barbarian is being brought into Marvel continuity. Sounds fun but I think I would really like to see Belit the pirate queen in Marvel continuity. I am really looking forward to that character. I’m sure the cosplay world will also like her as well. The Mark Brooks variant I think is the best because the scarlet witch looks really good, and I enjoy the image of her having vision as her own wind up toy. It’s a new take on that interesting star crossed love that they share. Captain Marvel 2 has a movie variant coming out. These are still available at Midtown. I really think these are going to look great as CGC signature series with Brie Larson’s autograph. If you can still find the “Captain Marvel Start Here Preview” from last week, go for it. They are normally free with purchase. Captain Marvel 1 1:10 movie variant is also out there