Prehistoric Iron Fist, 3D X-Men, and Harley Quinn Variants Galore

There are a couple of nice Harley Quinn Variants coming out. Here is the link for Harley Quinn 58, Chew Variant:

Last week Harley Quinn 57 B variant is one of those books that you pick up for $3.99 and can sell it easily for $30 in a few days. I’m not really one for flipping books, but I did miss out on purchasing it for cover price. This book also included a first appearance. Here is a link:

Next up is Avengers Vol 7 #13. I like the character they feature on the cover. She is the original Iron Fist from the Prehistoric Avengers. They first appeared in Marvel Legacy 1. Here is a link to the new book that came out on Wednesday. You can still buy it.

Finally, I am excited about a 3D X-men book. You heard me right. Although, this is nothing new, there was a 3D series back in the ‘70s called 3D man. I don’t think those are very valuable today, but I do think this will be a fun comic to buy. Here is the link:


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