Marvel Legacy 1 1:500 Quesada Variant

Yesterday I posted that the 1,000,000 BC Ironfist is featured in the new Avengers #13 out this week.

It turns out that Unknown Comics has just dropped their prices on many of their books. I can only assume that they may have a lot of copies of this book. I’m sure Marvel Legacy had a really high print run as that lenticular variant was pretty popular. I also like the series too, so I didn’t complain.

Marvel Legacy 1 is the first appearance of the 1,000,000 BC Avengers. Here is the link to the variant on sale. Sure it might not be that rare, but a limited 1:500 print variant that includes a few 1st appearnances (that I like, and have resurfaced) was hard for me to pass up.

Here is the link:

They also are selling the Spider-Man 800 Gabrielle Dell Otto Variant, which was popular. I will pass on that one as there are no significant first appearances as such.


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