Fantastic 4 variant J Scott Campbell, Ms Marvel anniversary issue 31, Ms Marvel 13-14 Doc X 1st appearance

I’ll be the first to admit it. I was wrong about a couple of books in my last post. I thought they looked like solid first apprearances, but they were not.

Ms. Marvel 29 had a new villain - mean girl Kaylee. It turned out in Ms Marvel 30 that she was really an android shell of the villain “Doc X”.

Doc X first appeared in Ms. Marvel as a cover sneak peek at the end. He then appeared in Ms. Marvel 14. I would say 14 is really his first appearance.

Ms Marvel 14:

This matters because Doc X is a really great villain. He is a social media computer virus that has become self aware. It’s like an avatar from Final Fintasy 11 or perhaps Skyrim read all your emails, tweets and facebook posts and is trying to blackmail you. The name “Doc X” is brilliant too, because Microsoft Word Docs can be used as hosts for computer viruses. (.docx is the file extension)

I don’t think I have seen a character designed like this before. I don’t think his character will necessarily take off, unless he is featured in Marvel Rising, or maybe a Ms Marvel movie, but who knows.

Speaking of Ms. Marvel, I really love the cover for issue 31. You can buy the virgin variant at Frankie’s comics:

Interesting thing though is that the cover seems like a reimagining of Ms marvel 13. Which as I mentioned earlier first introduces the cover with Docx. Seems interesting if it ties together. Issue 31 is supposed to be an anniversary issue.

I also said last post that infinity countdown 3 features a first appearance mash-up of the silver surfer and Ultron. The very next issue shows that the Silver Surfer just shook off the nano virus and became regular Silver Surfer again.

Finally, the variant I think looks really great this week is Weapon H 6, J. Scott Campbell Variant. This looks like a 1:1 ratio so it is not limited in print. However, I just find the cover appealing. I am not a J. Scott Campbell fan officially, but this one looks nice.

You can buy it here:


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