Infinity Countdown 2, Vemon Vs Spiderman 1 2nd Print, Ms Marvel 29 (SPOILERS)

First up is the 2nd print for the reprint of Spider-man 300. This is a dollar book, and a reprint. Generally there really isn't much value to these. This I feel is different this time. The colors are different and most comic shops would probably not buy a reprint when they have so many copies of the first printing on the shelves still. So the print run could be smaller. What makes it even better is that there is printer damage on the top left corner of the cover. There is dark smudge line that goes straight through the little Spider-man in the corner. I dare you to find one without the damage. It will be awesome to get one in a CGC 9.8!
Venom Vs Spiderman 1 2nd Print

Next we have a book that is a bone of contention, people who own it vs people who were never able to buy the Spider-man 678 variant a few years ago when it came out. Not everyone was able to pick it up at that point in time. The copies you find online are usually super expensive.

Keep in mind most of them in the $500 range are Mexican variants. Other books you see in the list are from the “Secret Wars” series, which is completely different. If look you’ll see that the original version even has a 9.6 certified copy with signatures on sale for $7,000!

Like many people, I wasn't able to buy the book a few years ago, so I am totally thrilled to be an owner of this new version of an already iconic cover. See the link:
Adi Granov Venom 1

Just because it is sold out doesn’t mean they won’t release more copies. Keep an eye on it. You could also attend the convention and run straight to the either unknown comics, or Conic Sketch Art’s booth immediately when the show opens.

Infinity Countdown 2 (Spoilers)
Yikes! So, lets get this straight, Marvel is doing mash-up super villains now. Red Goblin, Cosmic Ghost rider, and now the infinity soul stone is being crammed into the forehead of an Ultron Nano bot infected Silver-Surfer. It happens at the end, so really the next full 1st appearance will probably be Infinity Countdown 3. Ultron Surfer...Dude (or whatever his name will be) is even on the cover.

Ms. Marvel 29 (Spoilers)

I liked this issue a lot. It was a return of quality to Ms. Marvel that has been missing of late. Also...It features Kamala’s first kiss. You have to read to find out who, and what the situation is.

There is a new super villain mean girl. Zoe thinks shes cute, but wait for Ms. Marvel 30 on sale in less than a month to see what this super strong mean girl can do. Not only that but it seems that they are kicking off a really great story arc. On top of that, I heard there may also be another first appearance in the Ms. Marvel 30 besides the “mean girl”. Can't wait to find out!


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