Domino 1, exiles return and supergirl Adam Hughes variant

Next week Wednesday, April 11, a couple interesting series are coming out from Marvel. Exiles #1 really takes me back to my youth. I was a big blink fan. Remember back then before the internet when we bought books and got lucky with first appearances? It was uncanny X-men 317 from 1994. The X-men were fighting the phalanx and blink was supposed to be one of the new members of gen X. As a side note also check out the new generation x series that started last year. It has everything that I always loved about X-men back in the day.

Now, back to exes 1 2018. It seems there aren’t any first appearances as such. I was hopeful about wolvke but it appears he’s not new either. Check out this article about Wolvie.

Mature 40 plus Kamala Khan is the only new-ish character.

The other series I’m excited about is domino. There have been other volumes in the past but these days I love a good femme fatale series. Especially with covers by hot artists. I bought the domino Greg Land variant on midtown. You can buy it through the midtown app or here:

The cover isn’t available yet but I like the artist. It might look a lot like the regular cover. Anyway, it’s possible that issue 2 may get a hot super valuable variant. Keep an eye out for that.

One last thing, just wanted to show you something that I would love to own. I guess I missed the boat as it came out over 10 years ago.


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