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Infinity Countdown 2, Vemon Vs Spiderman 1 2nd Print, Ms Marvel 29 (SPOILERS)

First up is the 2nd print for the reprint of Spider-man 300. This is a dollar book, and a reprint. Generally there really isn't much value to these. This I feel is different this time. The colors are different and most comic shops would probably not buy a reprint when they have so many copies of the first printing on the shelves still. So the print run could be smaller. What makes it even better is that there is printer damage on the top left corner of the cover. There is dark smudge line that goes straight through the little Spider-man in the corner. I dare you to find one without the damage. It will be awesome to get one in a CGC 9.8! Venom Vs Spiderman 1 2nd Print Next we have a book that is a bone of contention, people who own it vs people who were never able to buy the Spider-man 678  variant a few years ago when it came out. Not everyone was able to pick it up at that point in time. The copies you find online are usually super expensive. Keep in mind most of them in the

Domino 1, exiles return and supergirl Adam Hughes variant

Next week Wednesday, April 11, a couple interesting series are coming out from Marvel. Exiles #1 really takes me back to my youth. I was a big blink fan. Remember back then before the internet when we bought books and got lucky with first appearances? It was uncanny X-men 317 from 1994. The X-men were fighting the phalanx and blink was supposed to be one of the new members of gen X. As a side note also check out the new generation x series that started last year. It has everything that I always loved about X-men back in the day. Now, back to exes 1 2018. It seems there aren’t any first appearances as such. I was hopeful about wolvke but it appears he’s not new either. Check out this article about Wolvie. Mature 40 plus Kamala Khan is the only new-ish character. The other series I’m excited about is domino. There have been other volumes in the past but these days I love a good femme fatale series. Especially with covers b