Score! Local comic con finds!

Just attended my local comic book and toy convention today.

Here are the treasures I found today
(With links to eBay for price and image reference only):

Marvel What If 11.
This one I almost bought last year for about $11. As it turns out, you can get it for much cheaper than that. What I like about this issue is just pure fantasy of mine. What if I could have gotten all four of the classic Marvel Bull-pen to sign this book? Sadly, Flo passed away recently, Sol Brodsky in 1984 and Jack “The King” Kirby in the 90’s. If I could have gotten those signatures and had it CGC graded, it would have been a top 10 most valuable and amazing comic book to own in the world. Basically, I have to settle for just the book.

Next up, Star Wars Technical Journal 1. Which, I thought was from 1977-8. However, just now I see that it was printed in 1991. Should have done my research. I paid about the same price as the eBay link shows. So, I guess it’s not all bad.

The Defenders 28. First full appearance of Starhawk. I personally am one of the people who got the first issue of Guardians of the Galaxy 1 in the mid to late 80’s. So this takes me back. I still have that issue from the 80’s as it was their first solo series. Don’t forget I am talking about the Guardians 3000.

Action Comics 434. What a fun cover. What dentist wouldn’t like to have this one?!? Not an expensive buy, but still fun.

Deadpool 34, Lenticular 1:52 variant. How great is this cover? Not to mention that it is a 1:52 ratio. Usually they limit variants by round numbers. Like 1:100 means they print one for every 100 copies of the regular. So this is a 52 ratio. Why even bother?!?....Why not?

Marvel Premiere 20. This is an early appearance of Batroc. Again not a super valuable issue. I love Batroc. He is one of the most entertaining characters in the Unbelieveable Gwenpool series.

Sure I saw lots of great books that were way more valuable than these. I bought these because I enjoyed finding them and the covers and characters in them. What was even better was that many of the books I own were there on the wall with really huge prices. As far as cons go...I recommend going twice. Go first thing in the morning on the first day, to get underpriced treasures that won’t last long, and then go back right before the vendors pick up. They like to make deals at that time so they have less stuff to bring home. Especially if you are looking for large sized items.


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