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Score! Local comic con finds!

Just attended my local comic book and toy convention today. Here are the treasures I found today (With links to eBay for price and image reference only): Marvel What If 11 . This one I almost bought last year for about $11. As it turns out, you can get it for much cheaper than that. What I like about this issue is just pure fantasy of mine. What if I could have gotten all four of the classic Marvel Bull-pen to sign this book? Sadly, Flo passed away recently, Sol Brodsky  in 1984 and Jack “The King” Kirby in the 90’s . If I could have gotten those signatures and had it CGC graded, it would have been a top 10 most valuable and amazing comic book to own in the world. Basically, I have to settle for just the book. Next up, Star Wars Technical Journal 1 . Which, I thought was from 1977-8. However, just now I see that it was printed in 1991. Should have done my research. I paid about the same price as the eBay link shows. So, I guess it’s not all bad. The Defenders 28 . First full

Suicide squad, a look back

I was just watching suicide squad on HBO now for a second time.  It really wasn’t such a bad movie. I think the two things that bothered me were a lack of urgency and taking out the most important threat. And I didn’t really understand the bubble face army of yucky bad guys.  I know it sounds  silly to describe it like that, but that’s what they are. They were pretty silly. Didn’t really see menacing like a good old fashion zombie horde would.  Really, I think that’s kind of what the minion soldiers in that movie were supposed to be. Maybe zombies would’ve been too cliché?  That being said I really did enjoy the Harley Quinn character. Margot Robbie a great job. Wasn’t a big fan of killer croc or boomerang I must say. If you look at croc you’ll notice he overacts a lot. Who was that guy who died on the rope? You know the Native American actor, Adam Beach?!? I like that actor, he was great in “smoke signals”, and also “wind talkers”. Sound track was really a great choice all around.