Phoenix 4 Ressurection 1:25 Mukar Singh, Ms Marvel Sharon Ventura, Fantastic Four Roast 1, & Ben Reilly

Ah spring, when a young man’s thoughts turn to.......Comics! This week was ok. I think some great things are around the corner. Coming up is the best season of they year to sell comics. Tax season. To be honest, I am not as big a fan of selling unless I am just clearing out extra stuff or have doubles.

What I am buying are the Phoenix Resurection Variants. I am liking the story even if it is a little..cliche. I am genuinely excited about the Phoenix Resurreciton 4 1:25 Variant by Mukar Singh. It is sold out at Midtown Comics presale, and doesn’t come out until Wednesday. If you can get a copy this might be a nice one to get graded by CGC or others. It makes me think of Milo Menara. Also try looking up Milo Manara on eBay. Some of those X-men covers are amazing. This Phoenix variant is far more broadly appealing however.

I also bought Web of Spiderman 117. This is the first appearance of Ben Reilly, the Spider Clone. I also found a nice copy of Peter Porker Spider Ham 1. I only lack one more 1 appearance to fond out my Spider-Verse collection. There is an animated film coming soon. Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it already.

Fantastic Four Roast 1. I also picked up this pretty neat book. I don’t think it seems that hard to find online, but it just seemed cool at the time.

Finally, who knew that Sharon Ventura was once Ms. Marvel?!? I did not. Check out it out.
I picked up the thing number 35 in great condition.

Also, I was reading Avengers No Surrender 2. I can’t vouch for the quality of the writing this time. Sorry Marvel. However, it seems that the whole series is basically one huge Retcon. Check out Avengers 70 for the tie into the classic issue.


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