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Phoenix 4 Ressurection 1:25 Mukar Singh, Ms Marvel Sharon Ventura, Fantastic Four Roast 1, & Ben Reilly

Ah spring, when a young man’s thoughts turn to.......Comics! This week was ok. I think some great things are around the corner. Coming up is the best season of they year to sell comics. Tax season. To be honest, I am not as big a fan of selling unless I am just clearing out extra stuff or have doubles. What I am buying are the Phoenix Resurection Variants. I am liking the story even if it is a little..cliche. I am genuinely excited about the Phoenix Resurreciton 4 1:25 Variant by Mukar Singh. It is sold out at Midtown Comics presale, and doesn’t come out until Wednesday. If you can get a copy this might be a nice one to get graded by CGC or others. It makes me think of Milo Menara.  Also try looking up Milo Manara on eBay. Some of those X-men covers are amazing. This Phoenix variant is far more broadly appealing however. I also bought Web of Spiderman 117. This is the first appearance of Ben Reilly, the Spider Clone. I also found a nice copy of Peter P