Port of Earth, Red Sonja, Marvel Legacy November 11, 2017

Image comics published a couple of amazing series this month. I generally find it hard to follow so many series from Image because they tend frequently start brand new series regularly. Sometimes they aren’t seccessful and end up in the bargain bin, but sometimes they do. How do you know which ones to buy for reading or collecting? It can be quite a challenge — and one that doesn’t come cheap.

Image previews is a pretty good place to check out new series. I noticed that there is a really awesome series called “Port of Earth”. This series is from Image/Top Cow. It is about Earth agreeing to be the supplier of water to a Consortium of Planets. Water is used as a fuel for Alien spaceships. This sets up a complex and fascinating take on Sci-Fi polictics that seems fresh and gripping. I highly recommend it. There are ‘A’ and ‘B’ cover variants, although I didn’t see any 1 per store variants. It doesn’t look like it was created. I am sure that issue 2 will be sold out, and quite possibly was underprinted. I really liked this first issue and it is very promising. Here is a link: https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/port-of-earth-1

“Maestros” is another published by Image recently. I think the story has some definite legs and is interesting. Seems like it is about a regular guy who has to take up a magical throne after a royal family was murdered. Kind of reminds me of Loki, at least looks-wise.

However, I wasn’t a fan of the interior art as it makes the book a little hard to read. There is so much art-sy detail sprawled across the pages.  Here is a link to the YouTube preview: https://youtu.be/_mVdXnEJ73o 

Up next, is Marvel Legacy. I must admit I am a huge Marvel fan. Legacy seems to have so many issues to collect. I bought a lot of the Lenticular covers because, well I thought they were really cool. There is also a 1st appearance or 1st cameo appearance in a few of them. Captain Marvel 125 introduces a cameo of the Zeta Flight, which appears to include some sort of Black Widow. Perhaps a ‘White Widow’? (Zeta Flight is the mirror opposite of Alphaflight). I also heard that there is a reverse Star-Lord called “Star-Killer”. What thrills me about this is that this name has appeared in “Star Wars, the Force Awakens” as the name of a 1st order battle station. This is also the name that was originally intended in a rough draft of the original Star Wars script for Anakin Skywalker. Who knows what this means?!? It may not mean anything, but I thought it was interesting.

Another Legacy title I am following is Moon Knight 188. The cover is an awesome piece by Bill Seinkiewickz. He’s a hot artist these days. Here is his website: http://www.billsienkiewiczart.com/

What I found interesting about it is that the story arc is titiled “Crazy in the family”. I don’t believe there was any 1st appearance in this issue, but it’s possible they may introduce a family member of his in the near future.

Last but not least is Red Sonja. I do love this character, and I know that the recent Conan: the Barbarian movie wasn’t very critically acclaimed. However, I have always thought she was a better character than Conan, and hopefully the Red Sonja movie they just announced will be awesome. Interestingly, Red Sonja was created as part of the Marvel Conan series originally. She 1st appeared in Conan the Barbarian #24 from 1973. Would be nice to find one that is near mint for a good price and get it certified by CGC. I think if a comic is older than 1980, a good looking book in very fine condition may actually qualify to be considered near mint. I think most of the people guessing quality usually air on the conservative side. They don’t want to tell you the book is Near Mint, even if it is. Use your eyes and best judgement and you could get lucky.

Thanks for reading! I will be publishing a book soon. Keep checking my blog for the link to purchase it on Amazon. I will update the posts to include the link at that time. Thanks!


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