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Avengers No Road Home 1, Age of X-Main 1 Next Gen, Marvel Tales Black Widow 1 Virgin, Captain Marvel 2 movie variant

I was reading about Avengers, no road home 1. It sounds like Conan the barbarian is being brought into Marvel continuity. Sounds fun but I think I would really like to see Belit the pirate queen in Marvel continuity. I am really looking forward to that character. I’m sure the cosplay world will also like her as well. The Mark Brooks variant I think is the best because the scarlet witch looks really good, and I enjoy the image of her having vision as her own wind up toy. It’s a new take on that interesting star crossed love that they share. Captain Marvel 2 has a movie variant coming out. These are still available at Midtown. I really think these are going to look great as CGC signature series with Brie Larson’s autograph. If you can still find the “Captain Marvel Start Here Preview” from last week, go for it. They are normally free with purchase. Captain Marvel 1 1:10 movie variant is also out there

Marvel Legacy 1 1:500 Quesada Variant

Yesterday I posted that the 1,000,000 BC Ironfist is featured in the new Avengers #13 out this week. It turns out that Unknown Comics has just dropped their prices on many of their books. I can only assume that they may have a lot of copies of this book. I’m sure Marvel Legacy had a really high print run as that lenticular variant was pretty popular. I also like the series too, so I didn’t complain. Marvel Legacy 1 is the first appearance of the 1,000,000 BC Avengers. Here is the link to the variant on sale. Sure it might not be that rare, but a limited 1:500 print variant that includes a few 1st appearnances (that I like, and have resurfaced) was hard for me to pass up. Here is the link: They also are selling the Spider-Man 800 Gabrielle Dell Otto Variant, which was popular. I will pass on that one as there are no significant first appearances as such.

Prehistoric Iron Fist, 3D X-Men, and Harley Quinn Variants Galore

There are a couple of nice Harley Quinn Variants coming out. Here is the link for Harley Quinn 58, Chew Variant: Last week Harley Quinn 57 B variant is one of those books that you pick up for $3.99 and can sell it easily for $30 in a few days. I’m not really one for flipping books, but I did miss out on purchasing it for cover price. This book also included a first appearance. Here is a link: Next up is Avengers Vol 7 #13. I like the character they feature on the cover. She is the original Iron Fist from the Prehistoric Avengers. They first appeared in Marvel Legacy 1. Here is a link to the new book that came out on Wednesday. You can still buy it. Finally, I am excited about a 3D X-men book. You heard me r

Fantastic 4 variant J Scott Campbell, Ms Marvel anniversary issue 31, Ms Marvel 13-14 Doc X 1st appearance

I’ll be the first to admit it. I was wrong about a couple of books in my last post. I thought they looked like solid first apprearances, but they were not. Ms. Marvel 29 had a new villain - mean girl Kaylee. It turned out in Ms Marvel 30 that she was really an android shell of the villain “Doc X”. Doc X first appeared in Ms. Marvel as a cover sneak peek at the end. He then appeared in Ms. Marvel 14. I would say 14 is really his first appearance. Ms Marvel 14: This matters because Doc X is a really great villain. He is a social media computer virus that has become self aware. It’s like an avatar from Final Fintasy 11 or perhaps Skyrim read all your emails, tweets and facebook posts and is trying to blackmail you. The name “Doc X” is brilliant too, because Microsoft Word Docs can be used as hosts for computer viruses. (.docx is